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Kevin Warren - Director of PA FGBMFA from Camp Hill, PA

"As a concert and festival producer, I spent a few hours attempting to find a genre box to place the band. After all, I had to describe the Doc Stevens Band to the promoters (the folks with the money).. So, here's the best way I could - "...Diesel powered Blues, Rockabilly & Americana, with a left hook of Country Roots and a straight-on punch of energy and humor! Got that?" They looked at me like I had three heads....

So with that description, all of promoters made time to push up front to the stage to check out the band that the music producer had trouble describing. Within the first musical bar of the classical 12-bar in your face blues tune, the promoters were blown away! Now, these are busy folks, and they stood in front of the stage for the whole time slot! After they finished and I had introduced the next band, one of the promoters caught me back stage and stated " I thought you said they played religious music!" Those guys had no idea they just had a healthy dose of Jesus with a side order of atomic tone!

Anyway, if your event needs a highly engaging musical act with a sound that's been honed over years of traveling and performing all over the country, book the Doc Stevens Band! Maybe your producer will be able to explain them better!"

Matthew Shell - Website: contact:

"The Doc Stevens Band & Show are a refreshing burst of home grown, soulful blues and vintage country and rock music… They love their music, are a mix of old and new sounds, and put on a clean family friendly show. Their stage performances are full of energy, fun, and joy. While the recordings are great, you really do need to see the band live to get the full experience. Along with being great musicians and having an amazing live show, they are also amazing people who love their fans."

George Edelen - Guitarist with Roni Stoneman “First Lady of Banjo”

"The Doc Stevens Band and Show is an incredible band with an impressive variety of talent. I really like their renditions of Hank Williams, Sr, Webb Pierce, Bob Wills, Patsy Cline and other early greats. Every song has good instrumentals. Their stage performance is lively and fun. Their music is powerful and delivers a positive message to all ages. They are very engaging both on stage and off stage. They are down to earth and as soon as you meet them they treat you like long lost friends."

Gene Arnold - Director of PA FGBMFA from Camp Hill, PA

"The Doc Stevens Band is definitely entertaining! They are very versatile, and make you want to dance. They play something for everyone, and speak to the young and the almost old. We have used them at our events and have them booked for upcoming events. We highly recommend them. They do the unexpected… they are GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!"

Jan Priddy Warren from Lusby, MD

"Doc Stevens, Marilyn and the Band are a fresh take on old time foot stomping, hand clapping, uplifting music. You can't listen without getting a smile on, so be prepared to get "Happy!" Can't wait to get out to the next show, my face could use a smile!"

David and Christine Smith from Winchester, VA

"The Doc Stevens Band is a FUN band. They are very original even though they do songs mostly that are more than 60 years old. They are very unique in today's musical landscape; they have a vision based on old fashioned down-home music, but do not copy anybody else. Their stage performance is very exciting. They are one of those bands where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; each of the musicians is great in his/her own right, but when they play together something else happens altogether. We look forward to having them at our next event."

Jason Hamilton Ft Washington, MD

"We had the Doc Stevens Band play for our family reunion. We wanted musical entertainment that all age groups could enjoy, which is really hardt find. They were highly recommended to us. They worked out perfect. They played a good two and a half hours, and put on a good show. They were energetic and upbeat. They never ran out of songs, which was a surprise. Something for everybody. Rockabilly, blues, gospel and old style country. They did it all. Everyone was talking about them, and people from the neighborhood came in and joined us because of the music. They made me look like a hero to my family and friends. "

Louis Knight Director of Gospel Extravaganza

"Doc Stevens and his band have played every year for the past five years for the Gospel Extravaganza. They are a crowd pleaser, and the people keep asking for them to come back. Every year they come in with a fresh show that is inspirational and energizing. They are fun, they are funny and they have a powerful sound that is hard to describe. They call it “down home” music, reflecting the music from southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina. It’s a blend of blues, gospel, country and rockabilly, delivered in a raw raucous way. They interact with the audience and encourage audience participation, which I don’t think they could stop if they wanted to. I’m looking forward to this year’s extravaganza… and the next and the next."

Melvin C. Brooks from Waldorf, MD

How do I describe Doc Stevens and the band? Likable. Talented. Fun. Energetic. Genuine. Original. Intense. Friendly. Down to earth. They sound like a band you would hear in a movie. They LOOK like a band you would hear in a movie. Doc’s guitars look like something out of a movie or a museum. His panel truck is like a rolling museum and gets as much attention as the band. I like them. My friends like them. The audience likes them. They are a real crowd pleaser.